Is there a place on the KTM Google web site for us to make recommendations about where not to shop? I think it would be helpful but I’m reluctant to clutter email in-boxes with recommendations about where not to do business. In the meantime, I would NOT recommend doing business with: Rajna Tailor, Bishal Bazaar […]

Shocking images from the heart of Kathmandu being seen around the world. Regardless of the reasons behind it, eviction and destruction of your home, however humble it is, is heartbreaking. What next for them? Does anybody have more background info? Please post below.

Today there is no school, private or public, because a criminal murdered a jeweler. Is it just because I am an American that I can’t find any reason in this? I tried to find reason, but the more I thought, the more I was driven to hysterics. I asked myself questions like: What syndicate is […]

Oh dear, we have a problem. Or do we? – I don’t know. Recently there was an incident of drowning in milk. The KTMKTM Google Group is imperfect that’s for sure. On the one hand, how else can you get your message to over 910 people in one go without paying for an ad in […]

Why do some people, as quoted below, offer their appartments for expats or foreigners only? Re: [ktmktm:1122] FLAT for RENT ( Fully furnished apartment for expat ) Flat for rent in a quiet residential area near St. Mary’s School’s etc. etc. etc. etc. Please discuss below, and please keep it polite.