If you want to make and print t-shirts, here are a few suggestions from group members: http://www.attsh.com/services.php. They turned out great. Small quantity though, so not sure how they do on larger orders if that’s what you’re looking for. Quite reasonable and quality is pretty alright. Sizing is a bit iffy but you will have […]

Where is the fastest internet connection in Thamel? If you want speed and reliability, you should go to Places in Saat Gumpti, the Seven Corners in Kathmandu. The internet connection is 5 MBit/s – that’s the free connection. And you can pay Rs 150 for 5GB download, should you need to download a movie or […]

You can get your camera cleaned, serviced, repaired, fix in New Road in the Canon Primax service centre. It is an official Canon service centre but may be able to clean and repair other brand cameras and lenses. For buying new and used cameras, contact Snapper Photo. Authorized Distributor Primax International Inc, 3rd floor, Maitry […]

Check list for the procedure of the student Visa: Choose university (campus, subject, level) Admission university: ‘Letter of no objections’ from the embassy High school and former study certifications Copy of passport and last visa stamp 5 passport photos admission fee (around 600 $ per year) Opening bank account Certificate about admission from the college […]

If you want to eat great dal bhat, here are a few recommendations. If you want to add your favorite place, please: Please locate the place on the map – put the center cross over the exactly location: http://wikimapia.org/#lat=27.71&lon=85.31&z=14&l=0&m=m&search=kathmandu Past the URL from the browser into the commenting area below. Add the name, and why […]

Shocking images from the heart of Kathmandu being seen around the world. Regardless of the reasons behind it, eviction and destruction of your home, however humble it is, is heartbreaking. What next for them? Does anybody have more background info? Please post below.

Page has moved to: http://prince2kathmandu.com/ PRINCE2 Kathmandu PRINCE2 Foundation course and exam 3/4/5 July 2012, Kathmandu, Nepal Join the course and get the world’s most recognised project management qualification on your CV. What? PRINCE2 is a best practice project management framework that helps managers deliver projects on time and within budget. It consists of principles and […]

Not everybody wants a six-pack, but perhaps people should want better core strength. That means stronger stomach muscles, stronger back muscles, and while you’re at it, stronger lateral muscles. It is not just about strength, but also endurance. A study once showed that many back injuries occur when the back muscles get tired and give […]

This post has moved here: http://discuss.ktmktm.org/t/where-to-buy-a-second-hand-mountain-bike-in-kathmandu/114 If you need a second hand mountain bike, Bike Himalayas usually has some well maintained ex-rental bikes available which are perfect for the streets of Kathmandu. Trek 3900, 2009 and 2008 models, moss green colour with different frame sizes 16,18,19.5 and 21 inch. Price Starting from 15,000 to 25,000. Contact […]

Tobias Zeller writes: A week ago I had asked for recommendations for plumbers in Patan. Some people requested me to post the answers here. This is what I got: VG enterprises 01-5200605 Rajesh Maharjan 9841286479. He doubles as an electrician too. Rakesh 9841765329 Ram 985 100 20 31 (reliable, comes when contacted)