Page has moved to: PRINCE2 Kathmandu PRINCE2 Foundation course and exam 3/4/5 July 2012, Kathmandu, Nepal Join the course and get the world’s most recognised project management qualification on your CV. What? PRINCE2 is a best practice project management framework that helps managers deliver projects on time and within budget. It consists of principles and […]

If you need a rubber yoga mat, the kind that is non-slippy, even a bit sticky, ask at Pranamaya Yoga in Pulchowk or Thamel. The owner could not find any decent yoga mats in Kathmandu so imported about 300 from China. I think the cost is about Rs. 1000 and they are embossed with the […]

Not everybody wants a six-pack, but perhaps people should want better core strength. That means stronger stomach muscles, stronger back muscles, and while you’re at it, stronger lateral muscles. It is not just about strength, but also endurance. A study once showed that many back injuries occur when the back muscles get tired and give […]

This post has moved here: If you need a second hand mountain bike, Bike Himalayas usually has some well maintained ex-rental bikes available which are perfect for the streets of Kathmandu. Trek 3900, 2009 and 2008 models, moss green colour with different frame sizes 16,18,19.5 and 21 inch. Price Starting from 15,000 to 25,000. Contact […]

Today there is no school, private or public, because a criminal murdered a jeweler. Is it just because I am an American that I can’t find any reason in this? I tried to find reason, but the more I thought, the more I was driven to hysterics. I asked myself questions like: What syndicate is […]

Tobias Zeller writes: A week ago I had asked for recommendations for plumbers in Patan. Some people requested me to post the answers here. This is what I got: VG enterprises 01-5200605 Rajesh Maharjan 9841286479. He doubles as an electrician too. Rakesh 9841765329 Ram 985 100 20 31 (reliable, comes when contacted)

Oh dear, we have a problem. Or do we? – I don’t know. Recently there was an incident of drowning in milk. The KTMKTM Google Group is imperfect that’s for sure. On the one hand, how else can you get your message to over 910 people in one go without paying for an ad in […]

The lovely Nepal Red Cross can offer certified 3.5 day first aid training courses in English or Nepali for groups of 15 people. I’d like to stop procrastinating and get a group together and take a course. If you are interested in forming a group, please add a comment below. Additionally, if you know of […]

There is lots of information available about preparing for an earthquake and here is some more thanks to JoAnne Kelly. Some points are targeted towards foreigners living in Kathmandu, but kit and go-bag apply to anyone. Sign up for a first aid course Know your wardens (ask your embassy). Make sure your warden knows where […]

At the time of writing (mid July 2011): 154 get no email and view on the web or via RSS feed 544 get email immediately every single time a message is posted (so do make sure you post only relevant stuff) 174 get the digest email 174 get the abridged email Too many emails? – […]