Once upon a time…

The cultural / NGO community Ramallah, Palestine had a great network of people doing interesting things linked together by a group message board called: “Ramallah, Ramallah – between politics, tragedy & fun”. For a city of around 150,000 people with around 1,000 expats, there seemed to be a lot going on: a group event; a lecture or book reading; a film or documentary; an invite to be tear-gassed at a protest; or someone from an NGO trying to sell you parmasan cheese. But always,  many people trying to find an apartment or work, or wanting to buy or sell something.

See: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ramallahramallah/messages

Well Kathmandu is much bigger, the cultural / NGO community should be larger and more active too then? Apparently not. At least it is not as obvious. So this group is an attempt to try to pull together all of the things happening and provide the few that organise events with a way to reach a broader audience for those events.

Kathmandu is a lot more laid back than the hyperactive atmosphere of Ramallah, but if enough people believe in sharing information, good experiences will come out of it.


  1. Only members can post, so join first by sending an email.
  2. Don’t be lazy – “Does anyone know what day it is?” is not a good post. Do some research yourself first, ask the person next to you for instance or consult an oracle. It is not fair to bother people via their inbox just because you’re to lazy to do your own research.
  3. It sounds obvious, but where relevant include date, location (and map if possible.), the cost and what the event actually is for those not familiar with what you are promoting. Take your time, and be clear.
  4. Always sign with your name, and the name of your organization if the message pertains to one.
  5. Reply to author, if your message does not need to go to everyone. Think – “do I need to mail 2958+ people about this?”
  6. Use of abusive language will result in exclusion from the group forever.
  7. Read other people’s messages to avoid sending the same thing twice and search before posting.
  8. Enjoy and don’t forget to contribute something from time to time!

Those are the rules. What feedback do you have? Answer please below!


This group is moderated. It means new members have their messages checked before being posted. This can take some time, so please don’t re-post your message 5 times. If you follow the rules and play nicely, then you will avoid the moderation queue and be able to post directly. If you are moderated, please don’t be offended. There are 3000 people in this group getting emails from this site, so we try to make it work for everybody.

If moderated, you may get a message saying:

“Your message to the Kathmandu Kathmandu [Nepal] group has been rejected. Sorry!”

Most commonly:

  1. Your reply to a message was also sent to ktmktm@googlegroups.com (the whole group) when you only meant to reply to one person only. If you did not reply specifically to the intended person, they may not see your message. Please always check you are only replying to the whole group if your reply is intended (and useful) for everyone. Find out how to reply to the message author only here in point 5: http://wp.me/P1tuiq-2
  2. Your message is pure commercial self-promotion of little specific interest to the group – please buy an advert in the newspaper or develop your own mailing list.
  3. Your message does not contain adequate information, it is badly formatted, the English is unclear, has no-subject line. For example, if you are advertising something: please describe what it is about, when it is, what is it good for, a link to find more information and clear contact details and so on – people have to read the stuff you send them, please don’t waste their time and your own with an unclear email.
  4. You attached a huge inbox-killing file. Please resize before posting.
  5. You are repeat sending a message from only a few days ago.
  6. You sent a message that is or looks like spam.
  7. You sent a message starting “Hi frens”. English is a flexible language, but not that flexible.

Otherwise contact ktmktm+owner@googlegroups.com to find out why.

All the best!