If you want to make and print t-shirts, here are a few suggestions from group members:

  • Quite reasonable and quality is pretty alright. Sizing is a bit iffy but you will have the chance to see everything before it actually gets printed. His name is Pratik - pratikshr@gmail.com
  • If you are on a time-line Support logistics have been pretty reliable for us in the past for all sorts of merchandising-type products…not the cheapest but good quality etc… they are located in Thamel in Mandala Street.  The place is run by Kreepa Shrestha Tel; 985 105 8052.. Kreepa Shrestha <info@supplysupport.com.np>
  • Alternative we also use another supplier called Prakash  Neupane but they need to be given quite a bit of flexibility time-wise.  Tel: 980 101 1199  e-mail:  pneupane6@gmail.com.

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