You can get your camera cleaned, serviced, repaired, fix in New Road in the Canon Primax service centre. It is an official Canon service centre but may be able to clean and repair other brand cameras and lenses.

For buying new and used cameras, contact Snapper Photo.

Authorized Distributor

Primax International Inc,
3rd floor, Maitry Bhawan,
Above Bank of Kathmandu, New Road, Kathmandu (Nepal)
T-+977 1 4225042/2013186


Canon Link @ City Center
Shop No: G32, Ground Floor,
Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu (Nepal)
T- +977 1 4011688

Canon Link @ Civil Mall
1st Floor, Shop No: 106, Civil Mall,
Sundhara, Kathmandu (Nepal)
T- +977 1 4257297

3 Responses to “Where to get a camera cleaned or repaired in Kathmandu, Nepal”

  1. Philip Gain


    I have trouble with my (i) Canon 7D (bought in 2009 in USA from Calumet): recently the shutter works but after few shots the it stops falling. With long lens it is more problematic. (ii) Canon lens (24-70 mm): local repair shop thinks the ribbon is torn. I want to get problems with my camera lens fixed. I also want my canon lens (70-200 mm) fine-tuned. Instead of Bangkok, I want to come to Nepal because it is convenient for me to travel to Kathmandu from Dhaka. If I come myself with my equipment, how many work days you need to solve the prelims with my camera? However, please let me know if your center is qualifed to the level of photo file ink Bangkok.

    Philip Gain

    • thehalfhog

      You need to call Primax. Number above. Standard is high – it is Canon authorized. Not all parts are available always and for that there is a delay waiting for parts to arrive. 


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