Check list for the procedure of the student Visa:

  • Choose university (campus, subject, level)
  • Admission university:
    • ‘Letter of no objections’ from the embassy
    • High school and former study certifications
    • Copy of passport and last visa stamp
    • 5 passport photos
    • admission fee (around 600 $ per year)
  • Opening bank account
    • Certificate about admission from the college
    • 2 passport photos
    • Bankstatement with the amount of at least US$ 3000
  • Campus Chief requests letter of recommendation from the Ministry of education
    • Copy of Bankstatement
    • Copy of Passport and last Visa
    • Copy of College ID card
    • Receipt of admission fee

Campus chief applies at the main University or directly at the ministry for the recommandation letter of the ministry of education.

The long way through all the different university and college offices can be pretty tricky and you easily loose the overview where your applications are lying. Somehow you have to go the formal way, but try to get the direct contacts of i.e. the head university and the ministry, so at least you can follow up the progress yourself and don’t depend totally on the responsible persons at your college.

After getting the recommendation letter you can apply for the visa. Submit recommendation letter, admission letter, copy of passport and last visa, bank statement at the immigration (visa) office.

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