Is there a place on the KTM Google web site for us to make recommendations about where not to shop? I think it would be helpful but I’m reluctant to clutter email in-boxes with recommendations about where not to do business. In the meantime, I would NOT recommend doing business with:

  • Rajna Tailor, Bishal Bazaar
  • The Yamaha Dealership for musical instruments (MAW Enterprises Limited on Teku Road)
  • Taxes for Expats

Both Rajna Tailor and Yamaha made mistakes in delivering products and both required 8-10 visits on my part to get things straight. Rajna Tailor finally fixed things. Yamaha did not. I wouldn’t do business either place.

For those of you who are American, I would definitely NOT recommend Taxes for Expats. They made two simple mistakes that cost me more than $2200 in taxes and were very unpleasant to deal with.

On a related note, can anyone recommend a good tax accountant in the States? ;)



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  1. Mark Schnaper

    Hi Kirk,
    I kinda disagree with you. My friends and I got some fantastic suits and jackets made at Rajna. Really delighted with their work and their service. Hope to get a few more suits made during my next trek in Nepal.


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