Not everybody wants a six-pack, but perhaps people should want better core strength. That means stronger stomach muscles, stronger back muscles, and while you’re at it, stronger lateral muscles.

It is not just about strength, but also endurance. A study once showed that many back injuries occur when the back muscles get tired and give way. So absolute strength doesn’t mean much, if after 30 seconds your muscles get tired and give way.

Pranamaya yoga class in kathmandu nepal

Working the abs.

This is why a routine workout is a good thing. A little bit of work done regularly builds long lasting strength.

January saw Pranamaya Yoga run a 30-day yoga challenge. It has long been known that we humans need somewhere between 20 and 30 days to form or change a habit. Google engineer Matt Cutts has made this somewhat famous in the states with his series of 30-day personal challenges.

While a little bit early at 7am in the morning for the chill of January, starting a work out really sets you up the day. The studio at 1905 seems to be immune from street noise and the chill is removed with a gas heater.

Roshani, the Power Yoga Instructor, is bright and cheerful and doing what she loves. The class starts with some warm up exercises to stretch the back and joins. The postures practiced vary from class to class, though there are a good number of balancing poses for the mind, and a good portion of the class is devoted to core strength.

After day one, the thighs and buttocks will be aching. This passes quickly, and by the end of the first week, you’ll feel your posture improve and you’ll be walking taller.

Pranamaya’s next 30-day challenge is beginning in May. Find out more here about yoga events in Kathmandu on the Pranamaya yoga website.

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